Overnight Stay

Overnight and Tour


Have a pleasant evening in the middle of the Amazon jungle aboard the Yacht Marie, and enjoy nature at its core.

  • Ponte do Rio Negro;
  • Meeting of the Waters;
  • Alligator Focus;
  • Indigenous Rituals;
  • Interaction with the Botos.

In the location for this event, it is included:

  • Full buffet service with varied dishes;
  • Drinks at will;
  • Support team: Waiter; Cook and Kitchen Assistant;
  • Support boat (voadeira);
  • Crew: crew authorized by the Captaincy of the Ports;
  • Fuel.

Note: The client may include other services.

The destination is chosen based on our scripts set up or the client can suggest the places you want to go.

The availability of the time and date for the reservation is adjusted according to the option and planning of the client. Contact us!


Reservation condition

  • 50% Confirmation + 50% before shipment.


  • Up to 30 days prior to departure date, Full Refund.
  • Up to 15 days before departure date, 50% Refund.
  • Up to 07 days prior to departure date, Refund 25%.
  • After 07 days before the departure date, the refund will no longer be possible, but the reservation may be rescheduled under any of the above conditions, without prejudice to the renter.



  • The vessel strictly follows the requirements of the Port Authority;
  • Send in advance 02 days from the date of the tour, passenger list with date of birth and RG number, which is a requirement of the Port Authority;
  • In some tourist points a charge of the local dweller for visitation is charged, in which they do not exceed 10,00. That it will be
  • the responsibility of the contractor if it is not included in the budget;
  • Consult us about other options of tours and lodging in jungle hotels;
  • Consult our service for transfer of arrival and departure.


Children Policy:

  • Children are counted as passengers from 8 years of age.
  • Children under 7 years old do not pay, however up to 10 children are allowed on board.
  • The care and attention of children is entirely the responsibility of the child.



The main tips when renting a boat are:

  • Evaluate the structure and conditions of the boat;
  • Verify that the vessel will have the terrestrial support of some nautical entity, in the case, a marina;
  • Check the weather forecast on the day of the tour;
  • Check all boat safety items such as: lifejacket, buoys, radio, flags, first aid box and so on.