Land Transport

Transvimar specializes in the transportation of passengers, owning a fleet of vans, buses, minibuses, boats, executive and popular cars. Today Transvimar is a company that has as main objective to offer services to meet the occasional needs of its clients in the transfer of vip from small or large groups (transfers and receptivos) to airports, hotels, events, fairs, city tours, visits or daily necessities as in passenger transport.

We offer the following services:

Daily, with vehicles at your disposal;
Transfers with displacement in several points of the city;
City Tours;
Industrial routes;
Rent a car.


  • Airbus
  • Airless buses
  • Executive bus with air, bathroom, TV and sound
  • Executive Micro-bus with Air, TV and Sound
  • Micro-bus with air
  • Go air
  • Executive van
  • Executive Cars
  • Popular cars